Secure the IoT Ecosystem and Standardize IoT Usage with Silicon Licensing

Internet of Things (IoT) promises great business opportunities for the semiconductor companies, system integrators, and service providers. However, IoT security is a major concern to this promised growth because there are many weak security links in the IoT ecosystem. This article proposes a way to secure IoT devices and standardize IoT usage through silicon licensing.

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The Real Case of Silicon-as-a-Service - A Tale of 3 Innovators

We, at Algodone, have been talking for a while now about the oncoming of the new business model for the semiconductor industry, “Silicon-as-a-Service”. September 10th, 2018 marks a ground-breaking moment that our vision has come true. Algodone’s Silicon Activation Licensing Technology™ (SALT), which symbolizes a necessary ingredient for our everyday life, has been deployed in real customer production.

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Decipher the Meaning of Silicon-as-a-Service

Silicon-as-a-Service, while being deployed by technology giants such as Google, NVIDIA, and AMD as a business model, is not clearly defined. This article describes what Silicon-as-a-Service means.

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The Case for Silicon-as-a-Service (SiaaS)

From Darwin’s law to Moore’s law, this article outlines the changes that are happening in our economy and the semiconductor industry; It explores why the as-a-service model has gained broad acceptance in many industries in the forms of Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service; It also makes the case for Silicon-as-a-Service and highlights how Algodone’s Silicon Activation Licensing Technology™ (SALT) enables this new business model for the semiconductor industry.

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