Algodone Signs a Strategic Partnership with Accelize

Both companies will enable FPGA accelerator usage protection & monetization in the Cloud

MONTPELLIER (FRANCE) — April 23, 2018 — Algodone, a Hardware Design Right Management (DRM) provider to the semiconductor industry, announces a worldwide partnership with Accelize® to enable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) accelerator usage protection and monetization in the Cloud.

Algodone’s patented Silicon Activation Licensing Technology (SALT) protects chips from counterfeits and can securely activate or deactivate features on-demand using a unique secure key tied to each specific device.

Accelize, the leading provider of Acceleration-as-a-Service with FPGAs, leverages Algodone’s core technology to protect and track accelerator usage on the FPGAs; This enables Accelize to propose a unique deployment and monetization model to its partners (IP core providers and Accelerator developers) enabling them to sell their products as-a-Service on multiple Cloud Service Providers FPGA instances and guarantying that they will get paid for this.

“The agreement with Accelize demonstrates that our vision of “Silicon-as-a-Service” and the technology we developed to enable its realization is fully aligned with the development of the Cloud “pay-per-use” business models.” says Jerôme Rampon, CEO of Algodone.

“The strong collaboration and the partnership with Algodone has been key in the deployment of our Acceleration-as-a-Service offering” stated Jean-Yves Brena, CEO of Accelize. “Leveraging Algodone’s technology within our comprehensive framework, enables us to propagate the as-a-Service business model throughout the supply chain of FPGA accelerator developments, aligning the entire ecosystem on the same business model.”

It is estimated that by 2020, one-third of the thirteen million servers shipped in data centers will be equipped with FPGA’s for acceleration functions making the FPGA based hardware acceleration market worth several hundred million dollars.

With the availability of Accelize’s FPGA development tool flow (QuickPlay®) uniquely embedding Algodone’s technology, and AccelStore™, a marketplace of ready-to-use FPGA-based Accelerator Functions already deployed for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVH Cloud FPGA instances, Accelize is clearly positioned to lead the adoption of FPGA-based Accelerator Functions among Cloud users, while providing a unique value proposition for the FPGA accelerator development ecosystem.

About Algodone

Algodone was founded in 2015 with a vision of enabling a new business paradigm for the semiconductor industry, “Silicon-As-A-Service”. Through its patented Silicon Activation Licensing Technology (SALT), developed in collaboration with the University of Montpellier, semiconductor companies can activate/de-activate functionalities, configure features throughout silicons’ life cycle, monitor/control device usage through time, space, or special events, and most importantly, protect silicon Intellectual Property (IP) assets. “Silicon-as-a-Service” offers enhanced flexibility, profitability and security for the semiconductor industry. For more information, visit

About Accelize

Accelize, a spinoff of PLDA Group, is a leading provider of (FPGA) Acceleration-as-a-Service, bringing the benefits of FPGA acceleration to Cloud and Enterprise users. With this focus, Accelize operates AccelStore, a Marketplace of ready-to-use accelerator functions running on FPGA Platforms provided by a broad ecosystem of FPGA IP providers, FPGA design houses and ISV’s. Accelize also develops and maintains unique technologies that ease the development of FPGA accelerator functions and their monetization to benefit the entire FPGA supply chain. Its accelerator functions operate on multiple FPGA platforms in Public Cloud, Private Cloud and on premise. For more information, visit

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