CEO and founder of Algodone, director of technology

First R&D engineer at IST technologies (1992), a startup which was created from a technology transfer from Grenoble Institute of Technology (INPG). IST was acquired by Xilinx in 1995 to become its synthesis software solution (ISE) for all its programmable circuit families (FPGA).

R&D Engineer at Compass DA, Avanti and Synopsys.

Co-founder of Veriphia at Sophia-Antipolis whose integrated circuit formal verification motor was acquired by Xilinx in 2001.

Creation of a R&D office at Montpellier for the American startup, Synplicity (NASDAQ 2002).

Co-owner of the patent on digital rights management in integrated circuits and inventor of two patents on integrated circuit formal verification.


Co-founder and partner of Algodone, marketing and business development director

Graduate of ESIEE (1996) and of the Master of Microelectronic Science of the University of Texas at Austin.

Design Engineer in Scotland and at Munich for Cadence Design Systems.

Product Architecture Director then FPGA Synthesis Products Director at Synplicity (2003 to 2006).

Software Engineering Vice-President at Achronix (pioneer in asynchronous FPGA circuits - USA).

Product Director at Vector Fabrics (Holland) from 2009 to 2010.

In parallel, since 2008, technology consultant (PLDA, Mentor Graphics, CEA-Leti, etc.)

Co-owner of the patent on digital rights management in integrated circuits and inventor and owner of about ten American patents on FPGA circuit synthesis and FPGA asynchronous technologies.


Co-founder and partner of Algodone, microelectronics professor at the University of Montpellier since 2004

His support to Algodone is made possible by a scientific assistance authorization granted by the University of Montpellier.

Director of the microelectronic department at the LIRMM (research laboratory, 100 people) from 2007 to 2011. Currently Assistant Director at Polytech Montpellier with responsibility for research and partnerships.

Participated in the creation of MENTA, a fabless semiconductor startup, in 2007 and supported many startups during their business incubation: CORTUS, NETHEOS, ORIDAO, SATIN-IP, CYLEONE.

Participated as a researcher at the LIRMM in various national programs (ANR SECRESOC (2008-2011), ANR ADAM (2008-2011), ANR DIPMEM (2012-2015) and as a manager for some of them (ANR ICTER (2000-2008), ANR SPIN (2008-2011), ANR MARS (2011-2015).

Participated in European programs: STREP, FP6, PERPLEXUS (2006-2009).

Co-owner of the patent on digital rights management in integrated circuits, inventor of 8 patents, international conference speaker, many scientific publications.


Alain Faburel

Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Over the last 25 years Alain has served in high technology companies covering all aspects from Operation, R&D, Marketing and Sales.

Alain brings to Algodone his experience in the security and semiconductor market segments where he used to build products and develop new sales models.

Alain served as Senior Vice President at Gemalto and more recently he created the Security Business Unit for Crocus Technology where he was also actively involved in fund raising activities.

Alain started his career with Atos Origin as Solution Manager and holds a master's degree in marketing and sales from INSEEC Business School, France.